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Our MMC TV Channel 16 Programming

Since the opening of our new state of the art studio, we at MMC TV have increased our original programming by a margin of over 50%. We are the county wide leader in diversity with programs for Latin Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans and Caribbean Americans.

We at MMC TV lead the county in providing a forum for our leaders to sit down and discuss their plans. We offer a fair environment for all to debate the merits of everything that goes on in the county. We also lead the county in outside productions, continually covering events that happen in a number of different municipalities.

MMC TV Channel 16 and Music

We also continue to offer local musicians countless opportunities to showcase their talents on our station. Artists and dancers of all kinds are also featured on various programs. Showcasing the creative talent in our area provides exposure to the artists of these varied disciplines and information to our viewers about what local talent is available to be enjoyed.

MMC TV Channel 16 and Politics

Our political coverage is second to none. We have countless officials on, not only from Montgomery County, but Annapolis as well. In a recent quote from the Governor’s Chief of staff, Steve Kreseski, “You guys”, he stated, “are the movers and shakers in this county, the governor wanted to know if you rent this facility out, because we would certainly take advantage of it.”

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