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Who Is Montgomery Municipal Cable?

Montgomery Municipal Cable (MMC), channel 16, is one of ten PEG (Public, Educational, Government) channels that serve Montgomery County residents. MMC's participating municipalities are managed by a board of directors which is comprised of elected officials from the municipalities that we serve. We are also owned by the Montgomery County chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.

We are located in Kensington, Maryland on the corner of Armory and Mitchell Street and our office is inside the old armory building along side the town offices of Kensington. If you have any more questions Please contact us via e-mail, phone or fax.

What Does Montgomery Municipal Cable Channel 16 Do?

Here at MMC we produce several of our own original programs with the help of various different producers, production personnel, and show hosts. Our programming is community oriented and geared towards various audiences including English and Spanish speaking viewers as well as those interested in literature, computers, the Internet, politics and the art world. These shows are recorded here in the studio and then sent to the in house post-production team. Our non-linear editors work with the programs where they are finalized and made ready for air.

Covering local events inside of our participating municipalities is another function of MMC. The Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Concerts, Candidate Forums and many more community events are only an example of what we air throughout the year depending upon the time of the function. These and our in studio MMC programs run in the evening while in the daytime hours MMC broadcasts C-Span 3 for our viewers that like to stay current on todays political scene.

MMC also offers a community bulletin board where each participating municipality has information posted about the date and time of their monthly town meetings, contact information and the name of the current town mayor. The bulletin board also offers a daily schedule of our programming that you can find Here On Our Web Site.

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